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A Crafty Christmas (with the Serif Design Suite)

We often hear about the rise in online shopping in the run up to Christmas, and the inevitable decline of high street shopping in response to this.  You will have probably seen our recent blog around Black Friday, and the fact that online retailers such as Amazon UK are recording sales of about 64 items sold per second! (see full blog here if you are interested:

But with budgets tightening in households across the country, there has been a boom in another type of ‘shopping’.  And there is a name for it. Upcycling is the trend of reusing discarded items into items of higher quality and value.

It seems home improvement shows, and crafty programs, such as ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Home’ champion this type of art where you can learn skills in which to create or recycle goods around the home.  And it seems consumers are getting savvy about taking something ordinarily ‘useless’ (and free), spending less money along with a lot of time and effort, and turning it into a unique piece.

In fact, almost a third of the nation (29 per cent) will receive a handcrafted present this Christmas, with cards, jam, chutney and knitwear among the most popular, according to a survey and article in the Daily Mail.

Which led us to think, there are a lot of crafty ideas for decorations and gifts over the festive period that we can make using the Serif Design Suite, and we thought we would share a few with you. Why not get crafty with your class!

Personalised Photo Gifts
PhotoPlus has so many tools that can be used to make personalised photo gifts, such as yearly calendars, Christmas cards, and notebooks.  If you are feeling especially artistic, you can use the tools to add funky holiday glasses or red Christmas hats to pictures and change people’s faces!

Personalised Gift Tags or Labels
Using DrawPlus you can create personal labels that look hand drawn for your homemade items such as jam or compote jars, flower planters, or favours for each guest. And even create name place settings or placemats for your Christmas table.

Wall Art
Create caricatures or wall features, using special effects and colours in any of the programs in the Design Suite. Play around creating designs to suite your mood or the style of your classroom.

Something to play over the holidays
Design your own board game, create a photo montage in PhotoPlus, or your very own spot the difference game by manipulating photos of people or places.

Record a video
The Digital Story of Nativity has nearly 6 million views on YouTube.  Videos are not only hugely popular mediums for getting across a message to your audience but they make great gifts for people overseas or grandparents.  Try using MoviePlus to create a video of you and your family – either a record in the form of a story of what you have achieved over the past year with a timeline, or just a fun clip showing you all having fun on Christmas day (this could be a fab Christmas holiday project for students).

As always, we would love to see any handmade creations – share with us on our Twitter page @serifeducation).