Serif in Education

A tweet from Brighton and Hove High School

We’ve mentioned this briefly before, but this week, I want to touch on how Twitter can be such a fantastic resource for sharing ideas.

Sometimes, creativity doesn’t come that easy. We’ve all been there when our minds go blank, and for one reason or another, we just can’t focus on a new idea or creative thought. Often, we look to others for inspiration. Even once we’ve had that ‘lightbulb’ moment, we wonder whether the great idea will actually work in practice. Gaining feedback from other teachers on what has worked (and sometimes more importantly, what hasn’t) is a really useful way of lesson planning.

So why Twitter? Firstly, lots of fellow teachers can be found on Twitter. Twitter is instant – which means if you have a question and need an instant answer, Twitter is the best platform to ask it. And let’s face it, teacher time is precious.

For us, as an education company, we love Twitter for the fact that it brings us closer to our customers. We love to share news, views and find out your thoughts on certain topics, and we hope that what we provide is useful to you as a teacher. We are always especially grateful when users of our software get in touch, to tell us about projects that they have been working on. Last month, Brighton andHoveHigh Schooltweeted us some pictures of their fantastic ICT work by Year 9, produced using PhotoPlus. The magazine covers feature a mixture of topics; animals, famous people (Kendal and Kylie Jenner), art and dance. See below:


We were so impressed by the standard of work, that we couldn’t help sharing it on our blog! Each cover is different, but uses similar techniques for making it stand out and look professional. We love the use of QR codes, and the way the image comes over the text, or vice versa.

Through Twitter, we were able to communicate with the Computing department at Brighton andHoveHigh School(@BHHSComputing) and instantly congratulate them on their work, which is a real thrill for us.

So please, if you have any examples of work produced using the Serif Design Suite, do tweet us some pictures (@serifeducation) so that we can share it with our community and show off the fabulous work you’re producing.