Serif in Education

We love Twitter

As an educational software provider we love Twitter, if not only for the great advice you can gather from different teachers around the country (or world, even). Back to school season is always a wonderful time to discuss and share creative ideas, motivational advice and useful resources. The hashtag #nqtadvice …

Geometry in Computing

The world is full of geometric objects that we use every day – for example your desk, your table, your chair. Geometry is known as the visual study of shapes, sizes, patterns, and positions. It occurs across the curriculum and across subjects such as design technology (making an object, building), …

Using music videos for creative projects to combine multiple applications across a range of devices

This week, it is time for some music trivia.

“You could have a steam train….. if you just lay down your tracks.”

From which popular 80’s song are those lyrics?

It’s Peter Gabriel’s 1980’s hit Sledgehammer, of course! And perhaps the lyrics aren’t the real reason why everyone remembers that …

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