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Christmas Craft ideas on a computer

The season of goodwill is nearly upon us, and we felt it only right that we helped with the festivities. And what better way than to combine fun with computer based learning!
Arts and crafts are not just exciting for a group of schoolchildren but it also has some great health and practical benefits for kids, such as improving co-ordination, fine motor skills and help with visual
processing capabilities. You notice patterns, colours and physical improbabilities without thinking twice. That is because when you worked on crafts and your artistic efforts were promoted as a child, you were improving your visual processing skills. This cognitive development is very important in your child’s early years. Not only that but arts and crafts encourage creativity, flexibility in learning (through both teams or individually) and allow expression. And arts and crafts can be combined with any subject!
So as part of the computing curriculum, and utilising the Serif software, we have found some great festive craft ideas that can be done either solely using a computer, or by using a computer with other
mediums to create masterpieces! We hope your class enjoys!
A seasonal advent calendar:
Advent calendars have really evolved over the years. From Lego, to coffee advent calendars you can design almost anything. Can you come up with a creative advent idea?
Mason Jars and candles:
Old jars can be found almost anywhere, and have so much potential. They are perfect for a whole host of craft projects. They can be reused for things such as soap dispensers, candleholders, or
vases. And even given as a gift for little investment. See this festive example here:
Homemade cards:
Homemade Christmas cards have a personal touch and can be as complex or as simple as you like. You can use solely a computer to design your work or combine with other effects and crafts to create
more sophisticated ideas like those below.
Colouring book or colouring mats:
Colouring books are totally on trend at the moment with adult versions too, and a festive colouring book could be a great gift or even just something for the younger children to do whilst they are
eating their Christmas dinner! Below are some great nativity examples, but you can use any theme which ties in with any computing project.
Tree decorations:
One of the best and most exciting memories is decorating the tree, so what a great way to get children involved by making their own – and a lot cheaper too!
If you really do want a project that has amazing after effects, this is one that will seem a lot more difficult than it actually is! A great computing project combined with a pair of scissors, silhouette
building can be creative and visually stunning!
Customised phone or iPad cases:
When I first saw this project I did doubt it could even be done, but after looking at the instructions we are pleased to say it is a quick and fairly simple way to jazz up your phone or iPad or to give as a
gift for a parent or loved one.
The above is just a small selection of what can be achieved by the Serif Design Suite. Other ideas include seasonal wrapping paper, decorated photo frames, string lanterns, Christmas gift tags and
We would love to see what you can come up with, so send your ideas to us at or tweet us
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