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Let’s face it, being a teacher is pretty stressful. It’s fulfilling too, but with lots of little people to teach and inspire every day comes a whole load of responsibility and a constant battle between creating fun and engaging lessons and adhering to strict curriculum guidelines. So we’d like to discuss how education companies can play an important role in helping you, as a teacher, fulfil your role in the best possible way.

There are approximately 610,000 teachers in the UK alone, and whilst teaching can be a challenging and frustrating occupation, the rewards of making a difference to a student’s level of attainment and intelligence, and paving their path through life, leads thousands of students every year to choose teaching as their future profession. 

Over 33,000 people have applied to start teacher training since October 2015 – an average of 230 per day. Yet according to Ofsted Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw, an estimated 40% of new entrants leave the teaching profession within the first five years. Whilst teacher training may give teachers the knowledge and capability to improve pupils understanding of a chosen subject, teachers may need further support, advice, expertise and training ideas, to fully incorporate and integrate a system or product into their lessons.

What’s more, the curriculum changes all the time, and so teachers need to keep up to speed with what’s new. But, we think the biggest challenge is learning how to teach what is required in a creative way, to keep children motivated and inspired. Not only do teachers have to teach, they constantly have to be thinking about new ideas. It is pretty exhausting, no?

There appears therefore to be a huge importance for education providers to support teachers CREATIVELY in the classroom and assisting where possible with pupil learning.

Serif is committed to supporting teachers in their role, and investing in training, creative computing guides, and other materials such as video tutorials.  We have worked closely with LA Advisors, teachers and teaching departments of Universities to develop resources that support the creative classroom.

We want to give teachers the ideas as well as the platform for students to come up with their own creations. We want to let children explore their own learning.

We created our Computing Guide for KS3/4 Computing when the new curriculum emerged and the guide focuses on how the Serif Design Suite and free teacher resources can help teachers deliver the Computing curriculum in a creative way.  Our materials are teacher focussed and contain useful “how to” guides. 

​With teachers having to not only teach but plan lessons, mark, and now take on additional admin, we know that they rarely have time to learn new technology, so need a product that is a simple to use and that supports them in the best way possible. With resources mapped to the curriculum, Serifs’ Design Suite allows teachers to easily download information to teach students the specific criteria they will require for their exams.

Serif understands that teachers need products that are not only easy to use but resources that help them to fulfil their job as a teacher and not limit them, with endless hours of training required on each system. Serifs’ educational products are designed to be utilised by any subject teacher and engage pupils to communicate their ideas. The materials Serif supply can be adapted easily into your own lesson plans to help raise standards in every subject.

We are not the whole solution, but we do like to help. We are always looking too to improve our software and support, so if you have any feedback as a teacher on what we can do better, let us know @serifeducation.