Serif in Education

Reaching for the stars and going for gold

The London 2012 Olympic Games are over, and as the preparations for the Paralympics are underway I’ve been thinking about how the Games had so many of us completely engrossed and glued to our TV screens. This really got me thinking. While we clap, cheer and sometimes cry at the achievements of those inspirational athletes, their successes are not a quick realisation. Years, possibly even decades of work have led to that glorious end result, and we can all learn something from this.

The Olympics are a great mark of what can be achieved when you work hard. To come top of their game, or top in the world like Olympic gold medal winners are, takes utter dedication and commitment. Once upon a time, this interest would have been sparked by enthusiasm, engagement and excitement in something. This excitement and passion is something that all children and young people should have the chance to experience and at Serif we believe that education can provide the perfect platform to “inspire a generation”, as the London 2012 slogan said.

Working together with your peers plays an important part (most obviously in the team events). Athletes will generally have a team of coaches, training partners and peers that they work with to progress, learn, develop and, at the end of the day, achieve. The benefits of collaborative learning are far reaching and long lasting as we have discussed previously in this blog, and this strengthens the end results. Recognising this means you are much more likely to come out with a top result.

And what about the educator – do you not effectively play the role of coach? A coach is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as someone that ‘gives (someone) professional advice on how to attain their goals.’ This valuable work is what teachers do day in, day out; supporting, advising and encouraging their pupils to achieve. We hope that Serif can help be one of these ‘supporters’ on the path to achievement by helping making the learning process an easier and more engaging one.

We feel that the Olympics offer a valuable lesson and lasting legacy to what can be achieved when you are given the chance to experience and succeed in something you love. If educators can recognise this, and offer pupils the chance to collaborate, explore and support them as they work hard, who knows what they will one day achieve!

We love to hear stories of success, so if you have one you would like to shout about, why not let us know!