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We love Twitter

As an educational software provider we love Twitter, if not only for the great advice you can gather from different teachers around the country (or world, even). Back to school season is always a wonderful time to discuss and share creative ideas, motivational advice and useful resources. The hashtag #nqtadvice was fun to follow and we found some great stuff that we wanted to share with you (we admit, some of them are more funny than useful) J.  Even if you’re not a new teacher, you can still find value in these tweets and/or resources, and if you don’t currently have a Twitter account, you may be tempted to join!


Tweets – #nqtadvice


Serif Education – @SerifEducation
Encourage creativity wherever possible, share best practice, and make the most of free resources from education suppliers! #nqtadvice


Gary King – @Gary_S_King
Remember, just because you are ‘new’ it doesn’t mean you have less to offer than an established teacher, be brave, take risks #nqtadvice


Scutt Science – @scuttscience
Be positive and confident. Even though you are probably nervous, SMILE! #nqtadvice


Jon Brunskill – @jon_brunskill
However, whilst we’re on #nqtadvice, here’s mine: 1. Read to Kill a Mockingbird. 2. Be Atticus Finch. #nqtadvice


Kat Howard – @SaysMiss
Know your kids. EVERYTHING else – behaviour, differentiation, attainment, will follow once you know your little beans. #nqtadvice


Robert Brooks – @r_brooks1
E-mails at school. Top tip 7: ‘Use e-mail for information more than communication.’ #nqtadvice #teacher5aday


Rebecca Foster – @TLPMrsF
@tes Agreed. Prioritise being respected over being liked. #nqtadvice


BCU Liaison Team – @BCUliaison
“Use your time effectively. Don’t stress about what you have to do – set yourself realistic targets” #nqtadvice


Tom Rattle – @mrrattle
You’ll feel as if you have no time to do anything but try to build in observations of other staff – much harder to do later. #nqtadvice


Jenni Elliott – @Mafalditakissa
Network with other NQTs and pool your resources #nqtadvice


Ruth Bober – @Sabretooth_Ruth
#nqtadvice Set and stick to a time for the end of work. Sometimes good enough is actually good enough.


Ruth – @jobey_re
#nqtadvice @tes This will be your biggest learning curve yet, so take the good from the good lessons and reflect on the not so good.


Ben Pearce DHT – @SkegLearning
#nqtadvice Always take at least 1 risk per lesson! If you’re planning something that doesn’t cause thinking, then don’t do it!


Blogs – #nqtadvice


We also use Twitter as a way to find fantastic education blogs written by teachers themselves. Through the hashtag #nqtadvice, we found these, all worthy of a read:


“30 snippets of advice I’d give my NQT self” – by teacher Margaret Mead:



“NQT advice – a summary of other people’s thoughts” – by Michael Smyth, a Biology teacher and Assistant Head involved in teaching and learning and a former Head of Department:




“Top 5 tips for a Science NQT” – by Science teacher Robert Brooks:




“How to survive NQT so far” – by ‘Says Miss’, an English and Drama teacher in her second year of teaching:




We hope you find these useful – and if you want to offer your own advice, just tweet or blog with the hashtag #nqtadvice (and be sure to add @serifeducation so we can follow)!